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Newsday, April 20, 2022

The SLime Machine Pary Bus Heidi LaMarca

When the Slime Machine bus pulls up for a party or playdate, kids can’t wait to dig their hands in slime: a glue-based, stretchy, gooey material kids can mold into any shape they like.

Though many of the gatherings take place inside the Slime Machine bus, LaMarca will also set up party tents and large tables in a driveway or yard, or poolside. She says, “Those playdates are usually for special occasions like the last day of school.” LaMarca also offers a glow-in-the-dark slime gathering. Playdates require a minimum of 12 kids.

No matter what the celebratory setup, kids find themselves surrounded by 12 slime colors, 12 kinds of glitter, gems, jewels, sparkles and slime textures ranging from fluffy to snow to shaving cream. LaMarca says with a smile, “The kids make amazing creations. They’ll put five colors together and make rainbow slime. They’ll make monster slimes that can stretch 6-feet wide, or make slime that looks like ice cream with sprinkles." All products are plastic, nontoxic and made specifically for slime.

LaMarca explains that it looks like it’s messy, but it’s not. “When it’s time to make the actual slime, we pour the glue for the kids instead of having them do it themselves. After the kids mix the slime, they tell us which ingredients they want to add, such as beads, glitter and snow. We add the slime activator until it’s the right consistency. Then the kids can take it out of the bowl because it’s ready to be played with. It’s not dripping on the floor or sticking to their hands.”

During a party, slime offerings are limitless. Most kids leave with about 10 different versions.

Heidi LaMarca / The Slime Machine Party Bus
Heidi LaMarca / The Slime Machine Party Bus
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