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The Slime Machine Party Bus is a one-of-a-kind  unique slime party bus that brings the enchantment of unlimited slime making right to your doorstep. This whimsical wonderland on wheels offers an array of the most popular slimes to make, igniting the spark of imagination in every child  lucky enough to step aboard. The magic happens wherever you are – from vibrant birthday parties and dynamic corporate events to exclusive celebrity gatherings, captivating camps, and engaging school functions.

With a splash of vibrant colors and a touch of glittering excitement, The Slime Machine has taken the world by storm, captivating hearts and inspiring laughter wherever it rolls .Children revel in the opportunity to unleash their inner artists, while parents delight in the joyous atmosphere and fun entertainment. The Slime Machine is not just a party; it's an experience that brings friends together, ignites the spirit of creativity, and leaves an indelible mark on memories.

Imagine the sheer delight as the party bus arrives at your doorstep, instantly transforming any event into a mobile masterpiece of slime-filled fun.  The Slime Machine has redefined celebration, capturing the hearts of young and old alike. It's not merely a bus; it's a fantastical journey, a rolling carnival of imagination, and an embodiment of the ultimate slime extravaganza. Kids favorite thing to say as they're on the bus is

                                                                                                 "This is the best day Ever!"

The Slime Machine Story

Slime Birthday Parties

     Call or Text us          516-800-4171

     Call or Text us          516-800-4171

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