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The Slime Machine, Inc. Party Policy

Your Slime Machine birthday party is one hour.  You can add more time if so desired. Special events times vary. The bus arrives 30 minutes prior to the start of  your party to set-up. 

•    The Slime Machine requires a $200 deposit. Full payment of your balance is due the day of your party. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. An estimate of your party balance will be emailed to you the day before your party. That estimate is subject to change based on number of guests over final count.
•    There is an additional 20% service/gratuity charge added to the total price of your party.  All party packages are subject to sales tax except those institutions that can provide tax exempt forms in writing.
•    The Slime Machine needs at least 3 car lengths and a flat surface to park where doors can open away from traffic.
•    You will be contacted 5 days prior to your party for a final headcount. Please be advised that you will be charged full price for your final headcount given even if a child does not show up day  your party. Additional guests above the final headcount are $25 for up to 20 guests. (You can make special arrangements for larger parties over 20 guests)
If your party runs over the time allotted due to no fault of The Slime Machine, responsible person who booked the party, will be responsible for overtime fees due upon receipt.
•    The Slime Machine will have the right to cancel a party within 24 hours of date and time of party due to inclement weather or mechanical breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances. You may reschedule your party or choose to
receive a refund of your $200 deposit. If you need to cancel your party, you must notify The Slime Machine within 48 hours prior to your party date. You will be offered a one-time opportunity to reschedule your party. If you cancel
within the 48 hours prior to your party, and do not reschedule, you will be charged 50% of your party price.
•    A Travel fee will be applied based on location outside of Nassau County. There is approximately a $4 per mile fee from 11572 zip code.
•    Please have your entire party arrive on time for the start of your party. We cannot wait for guests to begin as we are on a schedule. If any guests arrive late, they will be allowed to join your party as soon as one of our party hosts can
help them enter the bus safely. (Please be patient as we are working with your guests, and it might be a few minutes
until we can let your late guests onto the bus.)
•    Parents of the birthday child are allowed onto the bus to take photos/videos for the first 5 minutes of the party.
•    Due to limited space on The Slime Machine, no adults will be allowed on the bus during the duration of the party.
There is a live streaming system, and we encourage parents and guardians to watch the party from the link sent to
the parent of the birthday child.
•    All photos/videos taken by The Slime Machine during your party, are solely the property of The Slime Machine and may be used for advertising purposes only.
 No children under 5 years old will be allowed to participate in the party or enter onto the bus; including siblings of the birthday child. NO EXCEPTIONS
•    There is no running, jumping, pushing or horse-playing permitted on the bus. All guests are to remain stationary while making their Slime. Handrails must be used by all guests when entering and exiting the bus. No guest will be
permitted to climb on any equipment inside the bus. No guest will destroy any items on The Slime Machine. Any
damage caused by a party guest, whether intentional or unintentional, the parent or guardian hosting the party will
be held responsible for the monetary reimbursement of that item. Anyone violating the rules of The Slime Machine
will be removed from the bus immediately.
•    No food or drinks are permitted on The Slime Machine. All party guests must wear shoes on the bus.
•    Once all guests are on the bus and the party starts, guests will not be permitted to exit and enter the bus. Guests will be permitted to exit the bus if they have any emergency or need to leave the party early. Once a guest has left the bus during the party time, they will not be allowed back on the bus. (We only have a limited amount of time for your party and stopping to let guests on and off the bus is a disruption causing your party to pause to let the guest off the bus and back on again.)
•    The Slime Machine takes no responsibility for any allergic reactions of any guest
•    The Slime Machine takes no responsibility for any injuries or property damage caused by any guest.
•    It is at The Slime Machine’s discretion where we park based on space availability and safety for guests getting on and off the bus.

•    The Slime Machine reserves the right to refuse any party that we deem to be an unsafe environment for the bus or our party associates.

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