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What is The Slime Machine?
     The Slime Machine is a traveling children's Birthday Party/Event bus. We specialize in Slime Making Parties.
What locations does The Slime Machine Service?
     We Service Nassau, Suffolk, Queens County and parts of Westchester.  Our parties are held on The Slime Machine bus parked outside your home or venue of your choice. 

What age is The Slime Machine appropriate for?
     Ages 5 and up. 

What is the maximum amount of guests the bus can accommodate?
     The Slime Machine can accommodate up to 20 guests comfortably. We do have option for parties over 20 guests, please inquire. 

How much does a Slime Machine party cost?
    Please refer to our Party Package page for details and pricing. 

Can I book a party for less than 10 guests?
     Yes. You can book your party for less than 10 guests, but the price will remain at the party package price that choose. 

How long is a Slime Machine party?
     Our birthday parties are 1 hour or 90mins depending on the package you choose.  You can add additional time for an extra fee. Specialty events are booked on an hourly basis. 

What size parking space does The Slime Machine require?
     We require a minimum of 25 feet to park or 3 car lengths. If your party is being held at a venue other than your home, please make sure to obtain all permits required for the bus to be parked. 

Do you drive the kids around while a party is going on?
     The Slime Machine is stationary during the duration for your party or event. We NEVER drive the party bus while any guests are on board. We do not offer any any type of transportation services. 

Can I bring food and drinks on the bus?
     No. There are no food or drinks allowed on the bus. 

Can I decorate the bus?
     No. No outside decorations can be placed on the inside or outside of the bus. The bus is fully decorated. 

Is a Slime Machine Party messy? 
     No. There is no need to wear special clothing or an apron. The slime making is well contained. Your guests hands may have some remnants of slime on them that can easily be washed off. We provide hand wipes for your guests if they need to remove any slime. In the rare occasion any slime does get on a child's clothing, it will not stain. All clothing can be easily washed to remove any slime. 

Can parents stay on the bus during the duration of the party?
     The parents of the birthday child are allowed on the bus to take photos and videos. We ask that all parents of guests, remain outside the bus. We provide an app so that parents can log in to watch the party at their convenience. 

What is The Slime Machine's policy if I need to cancel or switch the date of my party or event?
     If you need to cancel your party or event, you must notify The Slime machine within 48 hours of your party or event. Your deposit is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your party or event, you will be offered, as a one time courtesy, an opportunity to reschedule at no charge. If you need to reschedule a second time or more, there will be a $100 fee for each change made. 

What happens if The Slime Machine needs to cancel or change the date of your party or event? 
     If The Slime Machine needs to cancel or change your party date due to any uncontrollable situation or extreme weather conditions,  we will reschedule your party as soon as possible or you can request in writing a full refund of your deposit.

Click here for The Slime Machine Party Policy



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