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Glittery Ocean Slime Recipe

  • Clear Glue 4 oz/ 125 ml ( I recommend using Elmer’s Clear Glue)

  • Contact lens solution 1 1/2 tabs.

  • Baking Soda 1/2 tsp

  • Water as needed

  • Blue glitter


Instructions For  Glittery Ocean Slime

1. Pour clear glue in a bowl.

2. Add baking soda to it and mix it well. The clear glue will turn opaque at this stage.

3. Next add about a 2 Tbs of water.

4. Mix the glue well. At this stage slime will be very sticky ,gooey and stringy.

    Don’t panic and just keep mixing.

5. Now drain the excess water from your slime bowl.

6. Next slowly add the contact lens solution to your slime. Drain the access solution once your slime starts to form. It will still be pretty soft and stringy

7. Keeping mixing the slime and add your blue glitter now. We added tons of it!

8. Now keep kneading your slime. You can use yours hands to knead. Notice its still pretty stringy. Keep kneading and it will get better.


Few important tips:

Glittery Ocean Slime does need a lot of kneading. If your slime is still too runny add in a bit more contact lens solution. If its too hard then add in more water.


A quick comment about safety. Children need to be supervised around these materials, and under no circumstances should they be put in anyone’s mouth. Be sure that everyone washes their hands after playing with the slime, too.

We’ve never had any skin reactions to any of the different types of slime recipes we’ve used, but everyone is different. It’s something to keep an eye on depending on what materials you choose to use (and if you or the children have sensitive skin or allergies). Use the recipes below at your own discretion.

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